About Alfonso

Under the pseudonym, findyourheight, real name, Alfonso Bautista, is a blogger, writer, amateur cook that resides in the Philippines. Started writing poems when he was just 9 years old, with a mediocre thought of understanding deep issues. As time progresses, he has written short stories, essays, poems, songs. A music fanatic, findyourheight enjoys the musical stylings of Fall Out Boy, The Cab, This Century, Ed Sheeran, Kimbra, Damien Rice, to name a few.

Welcome to the life on which we dwell on, and how findyourheight looks at it.

“It’s not how you have the tools, it’s how you use them”

– Patrick Vaughn Stumph

“Dream, dream. Nothing is impossible. The only thing that’s making things impossible is the restrictions of human capacity. Go beyond it”


twitter: @alphowns

tumblr: alphownst.tumblr.com


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