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I have been  writing my novel for almost year now, and it has come into my attention that it is already November, and sad to say that I’ve already written a few chapters because of problems in academia and personal struggles in terms of health.

In light of this, I have decided to ease some pain in my eyes and take out a big chunk of procrastination. I would be deactivating some social media accounts until I feel the need to bring it back up again. I just don’t feel like doing anything that hinders me from reaching my goal, that’s it.

Also, I’ve found out that I get a bit pissed off at some people’s posts. So much angst and hate in terms of rebellion via the internet and sharing stuff that isn’t necessarily true or only based by one’s judgement without any substantial evidence to back it up. What can you say? It’s the people who drowns in one’s ignorance.
By 2015 I wish to atleast drop a few pounds, and have worked on my novel, atleast, halfway done or finished. That’s it.
If anyone wants to be kept updated, I’d still be in this blogging platform

inb4 artista

no, i think we are entitled to atleast update our loved ones in any platform. some people just jazz it. Parang social climber rin kase pag ganon. No. This is about me changing and this is one of the most humble thing that I could think off. I cannot text every single one of the people I know, so this is how I’m going to do it.



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