Manila Log: First Day

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Today marks my first day in Manila and I can say with utmost certainty that I adored my first day here than my first day in College in Laguna. 


What I like about my dorm:


It’s quiet. No one makes a ruckus when it’s unnecessary. Maybe it’s because everything you do that may cause a ruckus costs something. Even the smallest things like making the people in charge open your days amounts to 5 pesos.


People around here don’t really care about you unless you’re in the same quarters. So pretty much I don’t know people here, and I kinda figured out that I won’t be getting to know a lot of people here.


Food here is cheap (unlike the rent) which pretty much is what I was looking for because I’m actually learning to save, compute, and input  what I spend here for the next 3 years.

Not much is going around. Outside the dorm, everything’s feisty and fast, here, it’s pretty much slow and relaxed.


First day of classes.


So I had an agenda of looking for band members. THis s what I said.



“Hi, my name is Neil Alfonso T. Bautista, you can call me either Neil or Al. I am a transferee and shiftee of Colegio de San Jan de Letran in Calamba. My hobbies include writing, I am currently writing a novel. And I play in a band. If anyone wants to form a band with me, you are more than welcome to” I said.


Then, as people were introducing themselves, the people who heard my cry for having a band in Manila, they introduced themselves with having a certain interest with the band topic. I found a drummer, keyboardist, bassist, and guitarist. WHICH WAS AWESOME!!!!! THEY REPLIED TO MY PLEA OF HAVING A BAND AND THEY RESPONDED!!!


The professors are amazing and witty and I cannot stress this enough I am liking my Uni ❤




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