Unsolicited Tips in the Gym? A How-to guide

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During the first weeks of me working out, I’ve had troubles focusing on the machines because some people there are always trying to socialize with me. Telling me, “Wow, you have a lot to lose” or “Hey, do these instead” Let’s make some things clear. They aren’t my trainers. They are strangers. They are the people who would like to chatter more, rather than actually working out. Because I hate being constantly being conversed to when I am in the middle of something, specially working out, I changed my schedule, and always go to the gym in the morning, when the gym is near-empty, or empty. This way, I could grunt all I want, I could go whenever. 


But how do you ignore these people who give unsolicited advice? Without them being offended in any way?


1. Smile. Just smile at them. Don’t tell them anything. Just move on after smiling. They would get that as a “Yeah, got it”

2. Wear earphones. I do this. Personally, this is also a way to pump up my reps. This is where they would notice the earphones and would stay away from you. They know you have no means of socializing with anyone. If you catch them talking to you, and you’re on your earphones. Don’t mind them. They would notice that you’re listening to music at that time.

3. Go to another time in the gym. If you’re flexible, ofcourse.


People who give unsolicited advice means well, but ofcourse, always remember that you are on a different path. And when you see that the person who is giving advice isn’t good, why listen?



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