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I have been trying to take out a few pounds of my body. To be honest, I have had difficulties with it. The point that I need to take out a few pounds means that I have to lessen what I normally eat and to do exercise.


Im proud to say that after a few checks on the scale, and 2 months of gym time and poor, but slowly  effective diet skills, it has come to my attention that I have lost 20 kgs or 44 pounds.


Yes, your 120 kgs friend have lost 20 kgs. 100 kgs =))

I have not set a target weight yet but I aiming for another 20 kgs by the end of March, or atleast by April, with harder exercises, longer hours on the gym, and well, a better diet plan.


What changed?


> My diet is now composed of mostly eggs, chicken, vegetables, seafood (mostly fish)

> water. i always buy water instead of my usual soda back then. saved me loads of money, and calories.

> when I started in the gym, i had troubles even taking on 5 kgs of dumbells, now I can go 20 dumbells. i can run a little longer.

> i can fit onto my old clothes! and well, I my recent clothes are loose. My pants now need belts.


so progress.


i have not talked to anyone in a while, or had the pleasure of conversation for anything in a long long time. i want to focus on this as soon as i get better with my arm (accident)




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