Post-Makipamuhay Dead-head experience

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I woke up around 7:00 today, and was a bit dizzy. I came from a terrible dream, and the only thing that woke me up is the cold. I got up and surprised that I was in my room, I looked around for my makipamuhay pair who I slept beside with during the whole immersion stay. He wasn’t there. I’m having this thing where I think that I am under a new experience. It’s like,  my immersion stay was my regular stay at home, and my stay at my own home is the immersion stay. In three days, I got used to the whole poultry smell and the clean water up there. I got used to seeing my friends in other houses. 


Don’t get me wrong, I love being here at home. I missed our restroom. (Which I will discuss in a future post, “Makipamuhay: the MakiKain & MakiTulog experience”  but it was a second home to us. Kuya Boy had taken care of us like we were his own children. Di niya kami pinabayaan magutom. Kahit isang kilong bigas ang ipakain niya sa isang kainan ❤




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