Thought Pill: 60 Slides in 3 Hours

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I just found out from a classmate that one of the new professors of my college had this enumeration exercise. I know, it’s like, “It’s just an exercise, it’s easy peasy!” but okay, there’s kind of this thing where the presentation presented was 60 slides, took 3 hours to finish, and after that was a 25-item enumeration exercise. Note these three. 60 slides, 3 hours, after that, 25 item, enumeration exercise.


If we were the type of people that aren’t that concerned with our grades, we would totally accept the fact that some of us failed, but we’re not. Given that the time of that class is 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Night time, everyone!

An average human can memorize up to 7 to 9 items, in short memory.

Note that, 7 to 9 items. And my classmates were made to memorize 60 slides full of terms. You know why that irritates me? Because the professor thinks that we can memorize 60 slides-full of terms. 


One other thing is that, my classmate told me that they were supposed to give exact answers. Whatever we saw in the powerpoint, that is what we should answer.

Let me tell you why you are an ineffective professor.

1. No NORMAL HUMAN could ever attempt such a feat of memorizing 60 slide-full of terms in under 3 hours, and then give an exercise that needs PRECISE ANSWERS. 

2. You never taught us anything, and everything you’ve ever given us were recollection/reflections, and your experiences as a professor. As of today, the only thing useful that you’ve given us is how to download youtube videos, which i will not do because I don’t see how useful it really is.

3. The only side comments you gave to the last lecture were common sense. What I already know, you’re only repeating.

4. The thing you do with the video during prayer consumes more time than it should. We don’t need that. A simple spoken prayer would suffice.

5. The last three meetings were useless. We watched videos for reflections, on how to be a good teacher and stuff, Note that we have other subjects concerning this, and we do not need to have an epiphany on how we can be a good teacher in Educational Technology. The name itself means that it needs to concern, well, technology.

6. We haven’t started tackling about technology yet. Wow. Shocker. If we could have taken out the past meetings of having reflections and your story of why you are here today, being our professor, that’d be awesome, thanks,

7. You could teach us something concerning technology, atleast. 


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