*Unfollows* It’s Not Personal: A Twitter Unfollow Rant

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Since twitter is second to facebook when it comes to social media sites that has been used by most of us. We have followers instead of friends. We can always see how many followers we have because it’s always in the homepage of the site. You can clearly see if someone unfollowed you. OR! You could use the twitter follower tracker. It tracks who unfollowed you.


Now, where am I heading with this? I’ve been unfollowing people for a couple of days because I don’ like the things they put as a tweet, likewise, I know that people unfollow me because they don’t like what I tweet. Ofcourse, It’s okay for me when they unfollow. I don’t see the point of having followers in the first place. In this blog that I have, I don’t know who are the people who reads them, I don’t know if people like what I post. The point is, I don’t care what they think. It’s my blog and I can post whatever they want.


Now when it comes to twitter, I follow who I want to see. I follow people who tweets what I want to see. That’s what it has been for the two years that I have been using twitter. I unfollowed people, I follow people. I don’t care if they follow me back or whatever, I just care that I see them on my timeline. If I don’t like what they tweet, fine, I unfollow.


I want to clarify that this has nothing to do with the person tweeting. I just hate their tweets, not them, It takes a long time for me to hate anybody, and I don’t see the point on hating someone on a shallow platfom such as judging them based on their tweets.


Be pissed off when someone blocked you. That is where you should be worried. Because that means you don’t want to interact with that person. And being blocked is probably one of the most painful thing anyone can do to you on any social media site. 


Anyways, I just don’t like it when the person who I unfollow makes a big deal about it. Outside of that, we’re still friends or whatever, just don’t make a fuss on that unfollow. mentioning me on a tweet or shit. Just don’t do that. You’re flaring a war.  




One thought on “*Unfollows* It’s Not Personal: A Twitter Unfollow Rant

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