Song of the Week: Never Stop – Safety Suit

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Last night, I was scouring 8tracks again for new tracks to listen to. One of the playlist played this amazing song. have you ever felt in love after one press of the play button? Well I have. If this was supposed to be a wedding song,

SafetySuit just hit the jackpot because all the vibe that I have in this song is sweetness. I imagine that this would be the song a couple would do their first dance on. I see it vividly. The couple would be dancing to this song. the parents would be weeping by the side, seeing their children happy. They’ve never seen them so happy before. This song would make the groom cry as he sees his bride, all perfect. all tucked in. He knows she’s his forever. This song would emphasize that.

Where the water works would be:

And with this love song to you
It’s not a momentary phase
“You are my life, I don’t deserve you
But you love me just the same
And as the mirror says we’re older
I will not look the other way
You are my life, my love, my only
And that’s the one thing that won’t change”

This song is from their Extended Play, Hallelujah. Buy it on itunes.


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