Halloween As I Grew Older

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When I was a kid, I used to not turn-on the TV. I remember having no cabled-tv back then because my brother and I’s grades where kind of getting lower as time progresses, and as my mother sees that what we’ve been watching when we were 9 years old weren’t as healthy for our minds as we thought they were.


The only thing that was on our antenna-inclined television was the usual local TV channels. As a kid, we didn’t have this knack for news about out country back then, ofcourse, we were kids, under the influence of our good Mom who we knew she didn’t want to put us under any stress of the real world.


When Halloween creeps in, we try so hard not to watch television. We try to play or just shut the TV off and just talk about stuff. It’s different back then, because when this house wasn’t that furnished and the streets were emptier and a tad bit dead at that time, your tiny kiddy imagination would run wild. Anything you see would be a magnification of what’s really there. 

Television specials on the local TV shows would always be about ghost hunting and the interaction with the supernatural. Now that I think about it, the people who sees them are always in a creepy place. Ofcourse, I’d get myself that my senses would tingle and my mind would play games at that time because I was in a vulnerable state where my imagination and my stress hormones would just explode at that time, creating scary stuff for my head.


What’s amazing during the 31st of October to the 2nd of November is how sensitive my senses could be back then. If it was any other day, I would not hear the drop of water that was a couple of feet away from where I was, or how a tiny creek on the wooden floor in our Grandmama’s house would send me shivering.  


That was back then. As I grew older, Halloween lost its spark. I used to scare myself to sleep, thinking that ghosts would be lurking around the night, waiting for me to fall asleep. Now, I’m 18, and I’m still on my netbook, PC, phone, or whatever where I can watch funny videos of cats doing un-cat things.



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