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Before I stepped toward the world of finding music to listen to, which lead me to making music myself, I wasn’t really born with the influence of music. 


I was born more on the side of art. I drew things rather than telling them in stories. I was more fond with my used-up crayons, bond paper, and pencil rather than paper and pencil to write up things with. And in all honesty, I hated english classes back then, more over Filipino classes. 


Even when I was a kid I was credited for art. It was the only thing I’m good at. You draw a duck at 2nd grade and people will shit their pants if you don’t draw them like a porcupine (saying that it has uneven edges and the duck looks like a super saiyan with different colours.) It was me. At a certain part of my life I wished to become an artist. Nothing. Just drawing amazing art to sell. It was a good idea at first, ofcourse.


At the course of time, I had a knack of reading old pocketbooks. The kind of pocketbooks that no one really reads. The titles that are just on the top of your personal library, just to take out space. What I read was these books that weren’t for my age back then. One  story was this end-of-the-world theme in it. It wasn’t the type that kids would read. But it inspired me to read on, and 10% of my vocabs prolly came from that book.


At a midst of my pre-teen years, I went to writing. Art was deforming as I grew old. Not enough inspiration, and not enough time for me to pursue. I adored writing as much because as time went by, the delivery was the same. Emotions were drawn out. Only in writing, I wasn’t copying anything or to draw and need to have a model. I was more free with writing.

I never won anything for my writing, and art was still the thing I was credited for, even though I was more on to writing by that time. I competed in school drawing contests and won a few, but was dissatisfied. It isn’t the same anymore.

as I went through High School, I changed my approach a bit. Instead of drawing, I went on fully into writing. IN HS, I also went on to practicing playing the bass and the guitar which provoked my creativity to create melodies and well, write songs.

I’m a bit rusty with the whole art thing. I never touched anything drawing-related since I started changing waves. 


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