That Song.

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That Song.

I guess we overlook the lyrics of some songs because the genre doesn’t really get you. It’s like, you have an amazing set of lyrics, you just think that the band or artist or band is singing or performing it wrongly.

I swear, I’m not that type of dude who’d rather listen to covers. I don’t like covers that much, but truth be told, I do a few covers. I’m a living irony on a stick. Anyways. This song was recommended to me by a friend — well, by a then-friend. She had a knack for acoustic and slow jams. The ones you listen to on a sunday morning, cozy enough to fall to sleep. I didn’t like it that much in the first place. I liked bands who’d make your head hurt from headbanging, throat soar from all the screaming. Those were the bands that I like. Being a good friend, I took a listen.

This song meant so much in a personal level. This song actually made me rethink on how stupid I was being a friend to this person. And, on another level, this song speaks to me. I heard the original version, despite the lyrics, I hated it. I don’t like the genre. This version has this raw emotion. It’s like being lulled to sleep. It makes my soul relax.

Every time I hear the lyrics, “Well you are the one that’s close to me, whispers “hello, I miss you quite terribly,” I’d go from a heartless man into an emotion wreck. That is how powerful this rendition is to me. It’s raw. It’s something rare these days. You don’t get to see artist do a cover and make it their own. They’d rather copy, but with a different voice. This is how special this song is to me.

I don’ know.

To be honest, whatever this song represents in my life,  it stayed. It didn’t go away. It isn’t on my mp3 player, it isn’t on my phone. Why? I don’t want to replay it over and over again, and then one day, I’ll get tired of it. I keep it sacred. I keep the song sacred until I go into a stage in my life where I feel alone. This song, whoever I am with, or whoever inspires me on that time, I’d think of them with this song. I’d think of how happy we were or are at the moment. It’s the meaning of the lyrics and how it is delivered is what makes this song so special to me.

I wish you had a song like this.


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