Oh Sarah! Story

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Oh Sarah Story


Hi, it’s me Al. Since I first started writing, I never had the chance to write a bubbly song such as Oh Sarah, and recording and posting it on any social media site. It’s weird how people get in contact with me just to know who Sarah is, or more importantly, if Sarah even exists. It’s funny how I get asked when people play the song, and some people just theorize who Sarah is. I love the attention it has been getting, and even my bandmates started to question who Sarah is. I am more than excited to share to you the story of this song.


                First of all, writing this song was spontaneous. I had a guitar and a blank mind, This is how I write songs mostly. I strum a few parts, work on a melody, then whatever I say first, or whatever I sing first, I write it down, that would mainly be the theme for my song. Unorthodox but it works. Oh Sarah was given birth by that way of work. I was aiming for something bubbly at that time, but it kind of went to the point where I remembered this scenario where Oh Sarah was inspired, during the 08/08/13 concert. Fall Out Boy’s concert.


Oh Sarah!

I remember the first time we met, it was like
every part of me just bursted inside,
and you were the only one who was in my mind
I could never forget that smile,
I could never forget those eyes.
I could never forget the way you said my name.
I want to hear it over and over again.

if I could only relive that day,
if I could go back in time,
I’d rather be there instead of here.

Oh Sarah, you’re taking my breath away,
just by these memories inside my head,
Oh Sarah, don’t leave me hanging,
cause I want more things to remember,
let’s make memories together,

I don’t think I can pass the time,
without thinking of you in between,
those good nights.

I remember that smile
I remember those eyes,
i remember the way you say my name


What’s also weird about this is this isn’t how I write mostly. I tend put in metaphors and stuff just to spicen up the lyrics and the words I want to sing. (I sing original songs when I’m not doing anything, people don’t notice that though.) but the words here are simple and straight-to-the-point which got me thinking the I may do things like this sometimes.


            Okay, the girl that I wrote this to was not actually named Sarah. I only used Sarah because at that time, I was listening to Sarah Smiles by Panic At The Disco before I wrote that song. “Sarah” was a girl I met at a street team for Fall Out Boy Filipino fans. It was weird because I never wrote anything bubbly before. This girl just gave me the shock of my life when I first saw her. Have you ever felt a current in your veins when you see someone that you saw that you know would put a spark in your life? Okay, so I met her online at first, nd she was always this girl who chats/tweets me often. I don’t really know her that much to spend time talking to her, but I was nice enough to accomodate her friendliness, and that kind of sparked our friendship online. Now on 08/08/13, I went to Araneta to look for her, because she texted me that she was in the Arenta at that time, lined up. So, I looked for her. I swear guys, profile pictures decieve. She was prettier in person. We talked for a while and stuff.


            I met up with other street team members after , the only thing that was on my mind and was running on my lips was her. It’s amazing how I got to see someone so incredible in the Arena because she was everything I wanted in a girl. She liked the same band that I adored. Oh wait, hold up. We love the band. It’s just amazing. She became the core of my addiction. After the concert, well, I was the one who constantly texts her and stuff.


            We’re going to see each other on the 12th and I can’t wait. Might as well pack an Ice bag so I won’t melt when she looks at me ot something. Gots to go!




2 thoughts on “Oh Sarah! Story

    S. said:
    October 19, 2013 at 11:51 pm

    Too sweet ❤️

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