College Life; 1st Year

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For the four years that I will be staying in college (If I get lucky, ’cause you know, college) I’ll be posting a blogpost about it. Every year I’d write something about college and the memorable things that has happened to me.


End Intro.



The depiction of College in movies, TV shows, and radio isn’t as far as on how I experienced it during my first year in college. To what I know, I haven’t been into any frat houses, drinking booze all night with ladies hanging on my arms, I saw a different side of it that’s been depicted only in the serious points in any teenage flick. I was studying hard every night, getting 5 hours of sleep everyday, and wasn’t entirely fond of social groups or parties.



To be honest when I got enrolled in my college, (they’re aiming for university status, don’t worry) I had these daydreams where I would be hanging with college friends and eating at nearby restaurants and fastfood chains, watching movies, and talking about life, playing guitar on open fields. That isn’t what I’m doing right now, I’m always in a grumpy mood when I don’t sleep atleast 7 hours a day, every morning I would perspire heavily (more than I used to) for walking back and forth, and I always run out of coins because I alwasy need to photocopy something. 


Another thing is when I went to see my blocmates, don’t get me wrong, I love them half to death, and by now they have a special place in my heart, but the lack of males there made me feel caged and had this utmost need to be friendlier. When I hang out with the guys, I’d be rough, I’d go out and eat as much as I can, because that’s how we roll. When you have atleast 15 girls as your blocmates, (we are 20 the last time I checked) and some of the guys there are bisexual, or staight-out homosexual, you’ll have this feeling of resentment and not having to vent out what you really want to say. Like for example, green jokes. When with my buddies, I might crack a green joke or two, or at most, everything I say is a green joke, with them (given that the majority of Filipinas are conservative) they don’t take this too lightly. Masasabihan ka pang bastos paminsan. I have classmates who know a green joke or two, but sometimes it gets awkward when they tell me those. I think it’s something that we could get along just fine with in the near future.


I’m taking up Education in my college and it’s not the well known course to be honest, or it is the least taken. Let’s be honest that the numbers don’t lie. We can be called the heroes for all they want but from what I’m seeing, we’re a handful. The beauty of this is that we tend to know each other already, either by name, by face, by sexual preference. We don’t talk to each other that much, nor interact with other year levels (College can suck your social life away) but just give ’em a nod or a happy hello (You could always give me a happy hello, I might smile right back at ya and give you a cookie), and they’ll give something back, a hello, a handshake, a hug.


I still go out with my High School friends that went to the same college as I have, and I think this might take away my social life in College. I spend too much time with them, and not with my blocmates. There are pros and cons here. I’ve known them for four years, going five. They boy-girl ratio is acceptable. I’m comfortable with them. They know who I am. Ofcourse, I’m taking out a big opportunity to know some amazing people in college, I know, but they’ve been with me from the first day of college. We actually went together in the first day. Taking them out of the picture would be a big no-no.



I have told you before that the lack of guys in my class kinda gave everything away from what I am now. Nevertheless, I have loved them. They are my sisters and brothers (Even if you are only three homies, and some of you are gay, its ok) Love them equally, I may not have a bestfriend or anything within the confines of our section, (which by the ways, we are going to be together for the whole year, so there is a lot of catching up to do)


Imagephoto courtesy: Czarina Nedamo (c) 2013 @OhCzarina



For anyone that has been asking me wether I have crushes or someone that catches my interest, I have none. I have a few crushed but it fades away quickly. 


I have done two designs, for fun, for education this year. They aren’t as big as the things that I would photshop, but I think it’s okay.






college is kind of grand for me. Hindi naman siya kulang, hindi sobra, tama lang. I have thought of shifting but getting closer, I’m liking my course and It will take me something grander. 



Oh! I graduated NSTP this year which was awesome!



College is a amazing. Hindi siya kulang, hindi sobra. Just right. Can’t wait to be 2Educ right now. So much love to my org, Yong Educators Society, for always giving us updates on the latest happenings, you never fail to entertain us during General Assemblies. My classmates, stay the same, you’re all lovely. Kahit naunti tayo.





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    czarina said:
    August 12, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    Yiiii naks. Stay happy & loveable & awesoooome ❤

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