Young Love

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My speech for the midterms in Speech Lab



Neil Alfonso T. Bautista                                                                                             ENG031L

1EDUC                                                                                                                       5/10/2013


Young Love


            Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I am truly honored and privileged to be standing in front o you today to give a speech, a speech that I know that all of you can relate. It is where, in a certain part of our lives, our emotional barriers, physical factors, and spiritual etiquettes are put to the test. It is where in our teenaged years, we may feel the need for love from another source.

Every night, you’re all tucked in your bed, waiting for the sandman to drift you off to sleep, but before you do, I know quite well that you imagine scenes that you wish would come true. Every expectation you want in life, in less than 30 minutes before you sleep. I will not hesitate to say that in those 30 minutes, you think of the person you like or love. You might be thinking of being with her or him and for a moment, your fantasies become better than your own reality, you haven’t known it but you’ve slept with a smile on your face.

Let me be clear that the word love and crush is different, but interchanged. Let us take crush for example. Having a crush means you admire someone. It means there is something about that person that let’s your mind pick this person up and emphasize that particular person to stand-out from the rest. Infatuation is another word for crush. Love is different. Love is deeper. If love were a person, she would be that girl who drinks coffee on a cold winter’s day but would still look warm, and she’ll make you feel warm by just looking at her. Love would be the person who you’d see all the imperfections yet you still look at the brightest angle. She would give you both sadness and happiness, with a right mix of both. She is the perfect cup of tea in the worst of days, or the perfect symphony to an orchestra play. She’s the rain to the drought, she is the sun to the moon, she is the butter on your waffles. Love is something that completes you and you know you cannot live without, or cannot simply go without. To help you memorize, love is the whole package, while infatuation is the thought of a package.

            I remember it quite well when I had my first love. I was young and stupid, but was ready to give my all. It was a year’s worth of happiness and sadness, ups and downs — a roller coaster, if you will;  a roller coaster of emotions and tantrums that, the only reason was this girl, both my weakness and strength at that time. It was a wake-up call. It was something that made me realize that life was too short and my childhood was like that rare cool breeze on a summer’s day that can only pass us once. It was something that made me realize that my childhood wasn’t worth a year’s worth of pain, a year’s worth sorrow, a year’s of worth troubled thoughts and sleepless nights, a year’s worth of alcoholic drinks that has burned my throat down numerous times. It wasn’t worth the crumpled up letters that I’ve dreamed of giving to her, looking back, I feel a little sympathy for myself. This is how I felt love the first time, I was never the same, and I never wished to be the same.


People do stupid things when they are in love/infatuated don’t they? Don’t you agree? You would literally kneel down on rice just to get that sweet “Yes” from that girl you’ve been dying to be with. It’s amazing how values, morals, physical barriers, and even common sense and decency would be forgotten for the sake of love. It’s amazing how kids do it though. I remember this one time where I was in the 4th grade and it was Valentine ’s Day. I didn’t have a gift for the girl I like because I never asked money from my mom, and I didn’t like that thought of asking Mother for money just to buy a girl I only knew because she was cute, and nothing more. Then, this guy arrived. He was the same age as me, only darker, and with a paper bag full of stationeries. It’s funny because his Mother was a teacher of my school and the risk of giving a girl a gift means teasing, worse, in the faculty room. I could only imagine his face when he got teased by the 55 year old teachers. Long story short, when he gave stationeries to the girl, everyone screamed like they knew something was going on. I watched in all unfold in front of me and all I had in my mind was, “What am I going to eat for snacks?” The point of the story is, we tend to find love, or the illusion of love in a different time. Not everyone sees it at the same time, or no one understands love in sync. I only knew how to love someone when I was in 2nd year high school and he knew how in the 4th grade. Who’s much of a loser now?


A thing that I would love to bring back from the olden days was the Harana. It’s something from the past that I wished still existed. It was herculean but it pays off, when the girl likes you ofcourse. Today, modernized courting lost its gloss. It’s considered courting when you text each other every day, or the simple walking around together makes you a couple.


Another thing that bothers me about young love is the capacity to save up for something with the littlest money you have. Say that a normal student is given, in average, 150 pesos for his daily expenditures. Normally, a guy would do the spending right? Apparently, it’s how things work in the world. The guy would skip lunch every day just to give this girl something special for their monthsary or anniversary. I’m emphasizing monthsary because in context, monthsaries don’t exist or should even exist because if you love somebody, you wouldn’t count your togetherness in months, nor any lesser.


This is how young love works now. It kills me to see that there is lesser effort than there was before. This is why young love interests me. We feel that we can break barriers. We feel like in some point, we have learned the true meaning of love, the meaning of life, and the meaning of peace. It is like we have formed our own Nirvana, with the person we have adored as our sanctuary. We think we know it all when it comes to it, but little do we know that it doesn’t shake-up the fact that we are only greenhorns to this life, and we have a lot of things to do to catch-up to this crazy mixed up world.




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