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OPDA, or Online Public Display of Affection  is the act of displaying intimacy in social networking sites. PDA in the Philippines is an act that is not looked upon by others because they feel that some things are better off as private. The acts being displayed becomes wildly intimate that younger civilians can re-enact these things. With the help of social networking sites, such as facebook, twitter, instagram, we can take PDA to a whole ‘nother level. We can show it by posting intimate things where everyone can see it.


The whole point is to show your love for one another, but when is it getting old? When is it not acceptable. Are there going to be fatal consequences? 


When is it acceptable?

When the passion is subtle. There’s no much tongue action or anything like that.You can be with the one you love with an acceptable position. There can be a peck on the cheek, or a peck on the lips. 


Text posts?

Yes. there can be public display of love notes. It’s okay, but keep it subtle and keep it brief. Keep the inside jokes to yourself. Keep everything concise. You can tell her how much you love her/him by privately messaging. Why show it to your friends. By some point, some of ’em will get sick of it. There are some things that are better kept with yourselves. 


Note: Tagging them in every love quote that you post every damn 15 minutes is not cute. It gets old. It gets annoying. It gets you blocked.


in general. not too intimate, passionate, and make it subtle.some people won’t like having mushy things on their timelines/newsfeeds/dashboards. We also want to respect the little ones on some social networking sites.They are not prepared to read any of those yet. They’d have these questions in their heads. 


it’s netiquette. it’s how we must act on the net. 


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