Thought Pill – Relationship and Bad Advices for kids!

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This is simply pathetic. I hate being told that men don’t take women seriously, specially in relationships, with the factor that the one that told me is a girl who had one wrong relationship, then suddenly, you’re generalizing a billion men in this god-forsaken world. Not every guy you meet is a dousche. I blame personal experiences and locking them up. I blame the media for portraying jocks as alphas in the school. I blame the system for telling us who or not to date. I hate how people generalize the populi with one sample. I hate it.


It’s weird because some women know that some men they like are complete assholes and they think that they’re their prince charming, or they can change them, where in fact the guy doesn’t give a shit and a half about the girl, leaving her crying, and some people would just tell her that, “You can change him, just give him time” where in fact, the guy is probably getting it down with someone in the bar, having sex on a remote area. 

It’d probably start back when you were in pre-school, your teacher would notice a boy picking on you, and she’ll tell you, “If a boy picks on you, he likes you” well that’s completely wrong. If the pre-school teacher knows better, he’ll tell the boy, “If you like her, you’d need to be friendly to her, just to let her know that you like her” and in the end you’ll ask yourself, why’d you gave the principles of dating to children. But nevertheless, the saying goes. I hope pre-school teachers tell this to their class. “If you like someone, be friendly, be nice, be friends” not “If a boy hurts you, he might like you” crap that’s been passed on to generations.


Stop generalizing men with one variable. Even in Statistics, you can never conclude anything with a small sample that doesn’t coincide or doesn’t even have a bite on a population. It’s plain idiotic.


Would you want your future children to hurt people just to tell people they like them. No! No one wants that. They better straighten them out.



As for the boys who think that their perfect girl is out of reach, then reach for them, hommies. try to be in the same wavelength, I did say that I hated the system, but you can never beat it. Be the one you want your partner to become, just to get the best of both worlds. It’s a win-win.


For the girls who are itching to know if a boy likes him, look how he reacts, how he wants to spend time with you, how he constantly wants to talk to you inspite of his busy schedule. Always put this in consideration. Boys aren’t the type who wades around texting or calling if they think it’s not as important as video games or carshows, or food.


For the guys who are complete douches. Have you ever seen reality TV shows about rednecks battling it out? Yeah– You can be like that. 


For the girls who have suitors that they don’t like. It’s better to put them down if you really think that he’s not for you. It’s better to let him go and let him know that it’s not gonna work out so he can see other people, than letting him hope and taking out the opportunity to see his real partner in life.


For the secretly gay kids. Your rights are being fought for, as far as everybody is concerned, we are all equal in the eyes of the god you believe in. You deserve love and love is what you will get. If you have a bad time telling your parents you are gay, you are wasting your time being who you really are. Tell them that, that is what you are and what you want to be. The people who mock you are the people who know less. Wanna know why? Because we laugh at things we don’t understand. Why? to take the burden away.



To the people who are heartbroken, you’re not alone, you will never be alone. Love is infinite. Love is universal. Love is a circle that keeps coming back to point A. You’ll find that special someone, eventually.


To the people who are currently stopping an addiction, congratulations, you made it through without breaking down. Someone out there is currently proud of your accomplishment. You should be proud. You’ll be a story, an inspiration to a hundred.


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