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Respect is defined as a positive feeling of esteem or deference for a person or other entity (wikipedia circa 2013) as much as it pains me to tell the reality that respect has been redefined into many aspects of life, it’s losing its meaning in the modern era. The saying, “You can’t please everybody” is taken to deeply, that the world has become a place of unrequited pride, the smelly bulk of false beliefs, the hate of an era has been fumigating. It’s suffocating the masses. The jealousy and heresy. Why can’t we love? Still, we know how to hate as much. Sometimes, people think it’s good to talk about other people, backstabbing them, knowing that, “Hey, what he doesn’t know won’t kill him”  which is completely wrong, completely egotistic, and completely one-sided.



Even the saying, “You won’t get rich if you talk about people” is rotting away. You can get rich by talking about other people, that’s called show business, that’s called gossip. That’s how journalist sell. The attention span of people nowadays won’t seclude to just the environment. They need to know how others are doing. They want to know if they’re doing something wrong. They want to know if they’re more successful than others. If they see that they’re a bit behind, God only know what kind of things you’ll say to the person above you. It’s not good, it was never good. No one wants to be last. 


The respect for boy to girl and vice versa. As a child, we were thought that boys should be corteous to the girls, but for what cause? Girls doesn’t want to be called fragile. Feminism is highly considered. So why should we, boys, be courteous. I’ll tell you why. They are the very foundation of the world. They will bear us the children of whom might save the generation. They are the life of a family.If the family was a tree, the woman would be the trunk and the branches, the men would be the roots, and the leaves and fruits would be the children. The more you take care of the woman, the more you respect her, the more she’ll give, the more she’ll give you. Give her 50%, she’ll give you a 100%. that’s how nature works. That’s how karma works.


Now, where am I getting at? Respect is so much sweeter if it reciprocates. No one should pout anyone down or disrespect anyone at any cost. It’s just plain pathetic. Why would you want to destroy someone? if it’s personal matters, you’re killing yourself. You’re killing yourself with the hate, letting your soul suffocate with the unneeded energy you’re putting on babbling about someone you hate. If you hate someone, just tell him/her and cut her off your life. 


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