Cyber-bullying, a predicament

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Cyber bullying, defined as the harassment to a person via social media networks.  It is an outgrowing problem that is being monitored by officials. Cyber bullying affects everyone. No one is safe from it. 



Why the need for Cyber-bullying?


It’s not beneficial. It’s not gonna give you any more money than you do now. if you’re a blogger just like I am, you’ll earn just as much, and receive death threats in return. Karma.

Ofcourse, we’re going to tackle the freedom of speech and the freedom of the media. the bounds of social media sites. Don’t get the social media wrong, they’re trying their best to pursue a peaceful website. Have you read the policies or rules of your frequently used social media site yet? They have a clause that tackles cyber-bullying or the lashing out of anyone that contains harmful information that can either destroy one person can be sent to jail and their profile remove. It’s not that much, but it’s a start.


We can never resist the temptation to judge. In our own little way, we judge people. We judge by their appearance, their financial status, their smile, everything that one eagle eye can see. we judge simply because one doesn’t fit the tee of our amusement or doesn’t fit our likeness. It’s human intervention. It’s how us humans feel better when something you don’t like starts showing up. The feeling that you dominated something.


Several cases of cyberbullying ended up with bleach drinking (If you are not aware, Amanda Todd drank bleach after she showed her nipples and it surrounded the internet) suicide, homicide, everything that you can imagine. It’s not their fault. Who just sits there being happy and then saying, “Oh, I think I’d have a cup of bleach today” They are scarred, they are ruined, they are being treated oddly for some reason, and some of the reason came from the internet.



Imagine this. Have you watched America’s Got Talent? or any talent show in general. usually you’ll have like 3 judges to 4 judges. Let’s say that you gave a bad performance, the judges aren’t the only one who are judging and giving opinions. There are “unheard” opinions which is given by the audience of the show. These are going to get way to social media sites, popularly, twitter and facebook.

Sometimes, even if you just want to give laughs around, you’ll still get looked down. Why? Because they don’t like it. if they don’t like it, then they’ll give out their opinion. As I said earlier, it’s human instincts. It’s how they want to dominate on something they don’t like. It’s something to comfort them.



Cyber-bullying is wrong, and a great way to start is, either don’ give out your opinions if you don’t want anyone to be hurt, or if you know someone is going to get hurt, try not to post anything at all. Keep it to yourself.




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