Music Perspective

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Music is a definition of one’s personality, but ofcourse, I myself find this utterly indefinite since I myself, listen to different variations of music that suits my emotion on the current. I am sick and tired of people defining who I am with the music I like.


So what if I like rap? That doesn’t mean I’m in a gang.

So what if I listen to rock, it doesn’t mean I break stuff without prior reason.

So what If I listen to slow rock? It doesn’t mean I’m emotionally unstable

So what if I listen to Pop? It doesn’t mean I have swag or any shit like that.

It’s always like that. No one likes to e labels because at some point in time, we want to venture into a more foreign path.


Personal experience.


I liked Alesana, Asking Alexandria, Silverstein, like those kinds of music, slowly, I went to indie. I find it rather noisy, though I enjoy a few hints of music from Hollywood Undead when I’m in a mood for some fist-bumping party songs. 


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