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I’ve been in a one time band. I guess I could call it a one shot band since we only performed only once. We were unstable. Different moods circulated the cool air of the studio every time we enter. We were a falling empire.

For the first time in my life, I have taken the position of the bass player since the absence of a bass player at that time and my band members felt that I can fit the tee. It’s an easy job since moving from rythym guitar to bass. It felt right, but not that good. I had like a few days to learn bass and I had to do it overtime. I had to train my fingers. This is where I saw the potential of our band crumble. We tend to go days before the deadline to do something, which I hate.

I had a different perspective of a band. a band is supposed to have the same likes and dislikes in music, but for me, I was a pariah. My likes in music were not met in the band. They liked other bands, I liked mine. Sometimes I hated practice since I hated the setlist. i hated the sound,  I hated the thought that I had no say whatsoever on the song choices, except for one, but I didn’t totally like it. it was a sub idea from what I really wanted. I just chose a rather mainstream band just for back-up.

When we won a local school competition, ofcourse we had recognition, but I felt something awful. Like, you did something, but you didn’t appreciate it. Ok, we had like, a week of recognition, shaking hands and whatever, I was happy, yes, but not content, since we had a feud with another vocalist and it ended up until graduation until we coped up with the situation and let bygons be bygons.

I though, hey, it’s okay, we can still get through. Being in a band means more than that, but I felt empty playing with them. I’d like to venture on other band’s songs and actually do songs, but they kept themselves on the sidelines, they’d rather cover a song.


Im not that mad or anything, I just wanted things to come out in the open.


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