My Professors. A different view

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Before entering college, I’ve been warned about certain professors that have this unsavoury taste towards students. I’ve been told that, a professor is far different from a teacher. He is a “greater-than factor” when compared to a HS teacher. He has his masters/phD. Good at teaching or not, he is experienced. 


I’ve been going to this certain college. and I have to say that the cliche overturn of back and forth sigmas and notations of professors being mean to students, I have not experienced yet. The profs in my college are pretty much the best people to be around with. They hang out with us or just talk to us on occasion. They’d laugh at our jokes and vice versa. Maybe this is the case for my school alone, there are other schools like Engineering, Nursing, (I’m from the Education, Arts, and Sciences school). but I think that we forget that profs are humans and they have feelings and the longing for companionship. 


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