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These past few months, I’ve been contemplating on wether I am going to pursue still my course of Bachelor of Secondary Education – Major in English. It’s been a rough road getting to a conclusion. I’ve been flunking some of my grades due to health reasons, I’m saying this because a bad grade is a bad thing on a transcript. The more and more I try to accept my road in teaching, the more and more I crumble.


A seminar was held today about teaching as a vocation. No one could argue with that. Teaching is a profession chosen by few because of a lot of reasons. All the reasons that I see within my journey. A few actually shared (Anonymously) that the reason for choosing education is because of external forces (eg. parents, relatives, neighbor) and I think that’s pathetic. For me, no one align the stars for you to follow; we should all take the adventure of following what’s right for you


That being said for the external forces. I’ve been rather surprised by the overwhelming response of others. They said that they wanted to pursue it because they would love to share and impart information. To build the pioneers of the world (Bless their souls). 


What’s my stand in all of this? i think it’s great that people actually acknowledge the thought of being a teacher. A teacher is an all-in-one mix of the the basic foundation of different professions. I think that’s great. Of what I’m afraid of is, will I be a stable concoction of a teacher? Am I responsible or will be responsible enough for the lives of hundreds of people. That, i do not know yet.


Sometimes, I just wanna see the future to know what I’d do for a living. That’s it. So I’ll tell myself to pursue that. Future me, tell me what you are in the future so i can take that. 


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