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Imagine yourself in a room. A dark room. Around 3:00 am and everybody’s asleep. Imagine yourself in a state where you have broken up with the person you truly love. Picture the moments that you have been together and only recall them. Recall them for they will be forever memories. You can’t have them back. You’ll never have your better half back. 


Put yourself on your bed. Dark, and you feel a certain heavy feeling on your chest that pulled your whole body to the point that your upper body is making a curve. Feeling this insatiable itch on your body. The kind of feeling that you want to remove your skin and just let that feeling out. That kind of feeling. The are is as dark and you cannot see anyhing but the dim light that the moon gives out. You’re still feeling that heavy feeling on your chest and that insatiable itch. Your body begins to heat up. You started crying. The warm release goes into a cold tear on your eye, going down your cheek. It’s the feeling of disappointment and the fact that the person you gave your all is not going back. No reason. That person just left you out of the blue. You didn’t do anything wrong. It just came up. You don’t know what to do, and neither does your body, which is holding up everything. You want to explode, scream, but some people are sleeping. You’re courteous enough to not wake them up and instill the pain that you are receiving from the end of the damned relationship that you’ve had.


Are you imagining it? Being helpless in your own cage? It’s self inflicted. It’s not what other people do, it’s what you think you’re doing.

Relax. Take a deep breath. Everything is fine now.


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