Hard Truths In Love List 1

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  1. You can love unconditionally but nothing beats getting some of the love back. 
  2. People also need the kind of love that a wife gives a husband, vice versa.
  3. The chances of the person you like that you like him/her is slim when you don’t make a move or to even try to make an impression of some sorts.
  4. Weight , age, height.Those are just numbers that has been expounded by media. All else, They’re just numbers.
  5. Looks are nothing without mutual interests. Looks can’t keep real love going.
  6. Maturity is a factor, but it really depends on the better half on how they see things.
  7. Humor has been one famous factor in different dating sites. Try to date a clown.
  8. If money is a factor, it’s not real love. Money is for hardwork. Different rubric
  9. Terms of Endearment are made for people with intimate relationships or relationships in general. Don’t give it to anyone you meet. You’ll regret it in the future.
  10. You can’t treat everyday as Valentine’s day. It would make it like any ordinary day. Keep it sacred as it is.




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