Mid-College Predicament

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I’m taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English. I have to be honest that the decision was swift and rash, and I had no control over the matter. I was originally planning on taking up ABCOM but my Mother wanted me to have a degree. Something that’ll have my name next to the title, Doctor, or PhD.  


As far as the journey continues, I’m getting a little more depressed. “Is this really my calling?” I ask myself. “Will I even enjoy this course that I’m getting into.” My Mom has actually asked me numerous times wether I want to continue this course or not. She’s making me decide this early so we can make preparations for the next semester.


Friends, colleagues, or even acquaintances are not in my rubrik. I have enjoyed their companionship and time. I have despised some of them, even hated, and I wish I could kick them off a chasm. I’ve been told that college would be hard, but I didn’t know that college would be this much pain in the ass.

Getting a doctor’s degree would be awesome. The problem is that I am not that well equipped with the suffice knowledge to train and help out the students of the next generation. I just don’t see myself that way. 

One thing that a friend told me is that, “You can take up and finish Education, and you can do another job that’s related, but not as quite as teaching,” non-verbatim. I could. Education and ABCOM is not that far apart. Get a few units from Education and you can be a teacher if you’re an ABCOM student. Take the LET exam. I’ve had some teachers who took up ABCOM and they became a teacher.


As time goes by, you can see what the world needs. The world needs heroes. I can be a hero by being a teacher, but as of now, I don’t see myself that way. 


As for now, I have not yet concluded anything. I don’t know if I’ll switch schools or switch courses. It would be a pain to the wallet to shift to another course. That’s the hardest truth. I just don’t know anymore. 


I love the people I’m with during my stay in college, (and others, as I said, I wanted to kick off a chasm)  as I said, the people around me are not a determinant of me (might) leaving school and switching to another course. 




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