Moving On and Things That Shouldn’t Matter

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Being in love is probably one of the most overwhelming thing a human can feel in his lifespan. The arrow of cupid pierces through you and eventually, every vein in you electrifies, your heart starts pumping in an unfamiliar pattern, and you an feel your eyes dilate when you see that special someone cross the room.


It’s a roller coaster, love is a roller coaster, it has its ups and downs, screams and doubts, fear and uncertainty, but know that love is in a pattern, and stopping in the middle will leave you hanging and you might fall hard on the ground if you don’t go on. 


But what if you fall? You fall in love, eventually, you’ll fall out of love— What to do? What fo  expect? Fighting for something that lost its spark is a herculean task. It’s like fighting with knuckles because your sword is broken. You’re carrying a load that you know is useless, but you keep on fighting, hoping you’ll win even if the odds aren’t even in your favour.


If you let go, so many things will happen. these events will happen simultaneously. The feeling of the whole world is crashing in front of you, making you lift the weight, a simple smile you cannot give without jerking a tear because you know, even if you breathe, you know you’re incomplete. Even though you see things, you find yourself blinding the very things that make you happy. 


Mornings will be dreadful, waking up with a broken heart, heavy like an anchor, telling yourself, “Is it worth it? getting up? I could just sleep the whole day away, what else is there outside?” things like that, keeping you from experiencing life as it is supposed to be lived.


Going to somewhere you always go with that special someone will give you both excitement and fear. the excitement of seeing her again, and the fear of seeing her again. It’s an unknown feeling. It’s a russian-roulette. Putting a gun to your head and hoping you’ll hit it but then you know it’s too precious so you don’t.

So much more, but given less. you’ll send your special someone texts and hoping that they’ll reply. It kills you when they don’t respond. The feeling of neglect and suffering from that mindset is troubling. It’s not healthy to think of the thoughts you’re going to get.


You’ll cry and cry, boy or girl. Is the person is that special you’ll cry. The feeling of falling down a deep well, not knowing when you’ll splatter. That’s how wet and unpredictable the feeling is. falling into emotions and knowing your wet and you don’t know how to get out. 


Moving on and things that shouldn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how you’ll do it, I’ll be redundant id I tell you that moving on requires time, space, and company. Those are pretty much how basic moving on is, easier said than done. the longer it was, the longer it needs to forget. 





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