The Jejemon Project

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For the past week, I have been using the potential of the facebook timeline. In the Philippines, we have this term called, “Jejemon” to simply define it, it is a person who adds insignificant symbols such as letters inside the words. on occasion, they’ll play with the capitalizing of the letters of words.

The jejemon era took hype during 2009, after Friendster  took a fall from its modern counterpart, Facebook. Suddenly, a blitz of users chang to Facebook. Now, Ofcourse, Facebook has a more diverse number of users. Being incompetent may lead you to disarray and mockery . People that were “jejemon-ish” if you will, started to evolve. 2010-2012 and for my generation, and for the batch of people that I am with (thankfully) they are matured enough to stop being jejemon-ish.

They try to actually forget about what they were. Then one day—

I went to a couple of timelines to like their posts on 2009. To be honest, I have not remembered anything that they have posted, or to even know if I were friends with them back then. I received many laughs– and eventually hate. I was like, “Why would they be angry? They posted it, I only liked it” It was for fun, yes. but I don’t think you need to hate me. I could’ve liked that years ago and you might actually thank me for the like.

To end this, people laughed their asses off when they saw their posts, some got angry and tried to forget the person that they were. Some of the posts were personal, about family, love, and relationships with peers. Some were witty and off the wall. Some were just copy-pasted by the last fanpage that they liked. So many posts to discuss. But hey, we live we learn, right?


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