My Take on Ask Fm

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Recently, the site has risen into occasion and has been a phenomenal for those attention hungry people. The more you ask, the more happy these people can be. Ofcourse, everything as big as must have a downside. Everything does. To start things off, what is is a basic site where it’s pretty easy to understand. It’s a site where you can ask someone a bunch of questions. You can do it anonymously, you can do it as a user. The rather fun part of is, you can ask a question without having an actual account. Yes. You can ask people random questions. About their dogs, cats, lunch, dinner, sexual orientation, anything your curious heart wants to ask. 



The downside of this site is that, in its simple form, it can deal great damage to the user. Being anonymous gives anyone the chance to be as mean as possible without taking blame. Are you going to be blamed for? How? They don’t even know you? This is one of the biggest upset of the site which I find rather devastating to say the least.



We are campaigning under the “No to Cyberbullying” program and we make this site. I have seen countless hate messages (which totally takes out the whole “ask” thing” and the user just chooses to answer it because supposedly, “haters gonna hate”. Did the people who sent you were happy? Yes. they’ll crave for more. They’ll eventually want to provoke you as much as they can because they know you’ll answer them. They know you’ve bitten their bait.  


I think is a waste of time if you’re not one of the popular guys, or the pretty ones. It’s totally different if you have like three friends and you ask each other. I think that’s pretty neat. But if you’re just a nobody in school and no matter how much plug you put in different social networks, then you might expect an empty askbox, or the computer-generated questions that pops up daily.


Now, if you don’t have an yet. I strongly advice you if you are a troubled teen and you know that you have a number of people who you don’t have good relationships to, to DO NOT make an Enjoy facebook or twitter. This is not for the faint of heart. You are against a hundred of your peers, a million in the world.


If you are making one, you’ll find the following people:

Witty – They are the people who answers their questions flawlessly. Short or long, they’ll give you a good laugh. 

Empty – These people are the people who try to make you laugh, but it’s an empty joke. You might not get it because of the reference, or you don’t get it because it’s not that funny.

Repetitive -These are the people who answers the same questions. You’ll probably get sick of them on your dashboard.

Essayist – These are the people who take questions seriously and will give a some-sort of essay as an answer.

Feeler – These are the people who thinks they’re witty with their answers. They feel intense pride that they think they have answered their question wholesomely, with a sense of funnies. no. you didn’t. you look pathetic.

Social – these people not only connect their to facebook, but also on twitter. if they have both, have the amazing time of reading the same posts again and again.

Emoticons – These people have more emoticons on their answer than the answer itself.

Safe – These people are very careful in their answering. You’ll spot people like this if they answer yes or no.

Preacher – They will put the word of God if needed or is suffice to answer your question.

White girl – If she gets praised. “OMG show yourself anon, I wanna know you! i love you too! xx”



facebook is suffice to take all of it.


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