Bago ang lahat, sa mga walang instagram accounts: Ang video kasi sa instagram, di yung isang pindot lang, tuloy-tuloy na yung video. Sa instagram, press and hold para ma-record. Yun lang. Kakailanganin yan para sa kwento ko.



Siguro parang after ng popularity ng vine (6-seconds na video), biglang naglabas yunginstagram kung saan nagupdate yung instavideo. Kung saan, ginaya nila yung concept ng may video na sa instagram, ang maganda lang, mejo mas matagal.


Wala naman akong instagram noon nung nilabas yung update na ‘yon. Kasi, Nokia C3 pa yung phone ko non, pati yung point na di naman kasi talaga ako ganon kainteresado dati sa instagram or pag-gamit sa phone talaga. Pero, napanood ko kung paano nagwork yung video ng instagram na sinabi ko nga bago ko simulan yung kwento ko.


So ito na nga, may nagpost na tao, tapos yung buong video niya, kala mo nagseselfie siya. Ewan ko ba kung paloko niya ginawa or what, pero sabi niya kasi, kala niya nakacamera, pero patuloy parin yung video.


Kung baga, sa buong 16 seconds, “akala” niya raw na nagseselfie siya, yun pala, nakavideo.

Unsolicited Tips in the Gym? A How-to guide

During the first weeks of me working out, I’ve had troubles focusing on the machines because some people there are always trying to socialize with me. Telling me, “Wow, you have a lot to lose” or “Hey, do these instead” Let’s make some things clear. They aren’t my trainers. They are strangers. They are the people who would like to chatter more, rather than actually working out. Because I hate being constantly being conversed to when I am in the middle of something, specially working out, I changed my schedule, and always go to the gym in the morning, when the gym is near-empty, or empty. This way, I could grunt all I want, I could go whenever. 


But how do you ignore these people who give unsolicited advice? Without them being offended in any way?


1. Smile. Just smile at them. Don’t tell them anything. Just move on after smiling. They would get that as a “Yeah, got it”

2. Wear earphones. I do this. Personally, this is also a way to pump up my reps. This is where they would notice the earphones and would stay away from you. They know you have no means of socializing with anyone. If you catch them talking to you, and you’re on your earphones. Don’t mind them. They would notice that you’re listening to music at that time.

3. Go to another time in the gym. If you’re flexible, ofcourse.


People who give unsolicited advice means well, but ofcourse, always remember that you are on a different path. And when you see that the person who is giving advice isn’t good, why listen?



I have been trying to take out a few pounds of my body. To be honest, I have had difficulties with it. The point that I need to take out a few pounds means that I have to lessen what I normally eat and to do exercise.


Im proud to say that after a few checks on the scale, and 2 months of gym time and poor, but slowly  effective diet skills, it has come to my attention that I have lost 20 kgs or 44 pounds.


Yes, your 120 kgs friend have lost 20 kgs. 100 kgs =))

I have not set a target weight yet but I aiming for another 20 kgs by the end of March, or atleast by April, with harder exercises, longer hours on the gym, and well, a better diet plan.


What changed?


> My diet is now composed of mostly eggs, chicken, vegetables, seafood (mostly fish)

> water. i always buy water instead of my usual soda back then. saved me loads of money, and calories.

> when I started in the gym, i had troubles even taking on 5 kgs of dumbells, now I can go 20 dumbells. i can run a little longer.

> i can fit onto my old clothes! and well, I my recent clothes are loose. My pants now need belts.


so progress.


i have not talked to anyone in a while, or had the pleasure of conversation for anything in a long long time. i want to focus on this as soon as i get better with my arm (accident)



Post-Makipamuhay Dead-head experience

I woke up around 7:00 today, and was a bit dizzy. I came from a terrible dream, and the only thing that woke me up is the cold. I got up and surprised that I was in my room, I looked around for my makipamuhay pair who I slept beside with during the whole immersion stay. He wasn’t there. I’m having this thing where I think that I am under a new experience. It’s like,  my immersion stay was my regular stay at home, and my stay at my own home is the immersion stay. In three days, I got used to the whole poultry smell and the clean water up there. I got used to seeing my friends in other houses. 


Don’t get me wrong, I love being here at home. I missed our restroom. (Which I will discuss in a future post, “Makipamuhay: the MakiKain & MakiTulog experience”  but it was a second home to us. Kuya Boy had taken care of us like we were his own children. Di niya kami pinabayaan magutom. Kahit isang kilong bigas ang ipakain niya sa isang kainan <3



8123 Tour



I don’t know about you guys but I really enjoyed last night! Full of amazing performances.  I lost a few pounds from all the dancing and singing, and the mini-moshing that I did. 

You know what’s amazing about watching your favourite bands? Watching it with a very special person. I think that was amazing. Truly.

Thank you Pulp for bringing the 8123 Tour here in the Philippines. I enjoyed it, my friend that I was with enjoyed it, the people in the Skydome enjoyed it, everyone did! Thank you for making the Meet and Greet for everyone possible. 

Special Albums (2013)

As all of you know, I am a big music fan. This year, or a couple of months before this year started, I got pretty cool albums from people. I cherished them all, but here are the most important albums that I own. <3

Note: this is not a countdown.

1. Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy

I remember, it was late at night, then the band’s page just posted this picturewhere the four of the most favourite people inside studio, and to the left was a bonfire of old records, it said “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark”. Ladies and gentleman, I have never cried this much for a band before. Fall Out Boy meant the world to me in a sense that they ahve shaped me for who I am today. My music, my writings, they have inspired me to be what I am. They inspired me to pursue music. To be in a band. To know that being different isn’t that big of a deal. I cried at the start of Light ‘Em Up, and I bursted when I heard Patrick Stump’s voice for the first time, in 4 years, with a band in the back of him. For me, this album is a rebirth.  A day doesn’t go by without me listening to any track from this magnificent album.

On August 8th, I went to FallOut Boy’s concert that was held in Smart Araneta Coliseum. I have never cried so much in my entire life when it came to music.

Tracks to look forward to:

1. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light ‘Em Up)

2. Alone Together

3. The Phoenix

4. Save Rock and Roll feat. Elton John


2. Night Visions by Imagine Dragons

I came by Imagine Dragons when It’s Time played on Glee. It was the first time that a song struck to me, especially when glee sang it. I looked for the band online, and listened to It’s Time. To be honest, it didn’t stick to me as it did now. I tried downloading the whole album, then just stream it until a song that I like pops up. The song “Every Night”  struck me the most. The lyrics were superb. Until now, I get an attachment to the song. And everytime I go home at night, I flick through my phone and play Every Night, and I feel this sensation of security, safety, and giggles when I listen to the song.

My friend gave this album to me for my birthday, thank you, Gracielle!

Songs To Look Out For:

1. Demons

2. It’s Time

3. Every Night

4. My Fault*

5. Selene*

6. The River*

* On the Deluxe version


3. Symphony Soldier by The Cab

I think, in all honesty, this is the most special album that I have. I won’t hesitate to give away my other albums, I’d like to save this one instead. There’s a value. This was the very first album that I owned, and it was given to me by a very special person. Like, very very special. When I got it, I just wanted to keep it safe. Keep the memory within the confines of the album. This album was from the band we first loved together, in a sense. (I think) she doesn’t like Fall Out Boy that much. Every memory of us just going nuts about this particular band made us who we are today, and forever, I am thankful for The Cab. Ofcourse, we have other bands of interest, This Century for one. but there’s something about the Cab’s Symphony Soldier. Call it home. Call it, “Where it all started” The case is scratch free and I don’t let others take it from me. I get mad when I don’t see it on a special place in my desk. This is the album that I’d keep if I get poor. When all seems lost, I just put it in a player. No scratches on the compact disk. This is a treasure. It’s something that I want to keep forever.

Tracks to look forward to:

1. Bad

2. Endlessly

3. Living Louder

4. Temporary Bliss


Thought Pill: 60 Slides in 3 Hours

I just found out from a classmate that one of the new professors of my college had this enumeration exercise. I know, it’s like, “It’s just an exercise, it’s easy peasy!” but okay, there’s kind of this thing where the presentation presented was 60 slides, took 3 hours to finish, and after that was a 25-item enumeration exercise. Note these three. 60 slides, 3 hours, after that, 25 item, enumeration exercise.


If we were the type of people that aren’t that concerned with our grades, we would totally accept the fact that some of us failed, but we’re not. Given that the time of that class is 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Night time, everyone!

An average human can memorize up to 7 to 9 items, in short memory.

Note that, 7 to 9 items. And my classmates were made to memorize 60 slides full of terms. You know why that irritates me? Because the professor thinks that we can memorize 60 slides-full of terms. 


One other thing is that, my classmate told me that they were supposed to give exact answers. Whatever we saw in the powerpoint, that is what we should answer.

Let me tell you why you are an ineffective professor.

1. No NORMAL HUMAN could ever attempt such a feat of memorizing 60 slide-full of terms in under 3 hours, and then give an exercise that needs PRECISE ANSWERS. 

2. You never taught us anything, and everything you’ve ever given us were recollection/reflections, and your experiences as a professor. As of today, the only thing useful that you’ve given us is how to download youtube videos, which i will not do because I don’t see how useful it really is.

3. The only side comments you gave to the last lecture were common sense. What I already know, you’re only repeating.

4. The thing you do with the video during prayer consumes more time than it should. We don’t need that. A simple spoken prayer would suffice.

5. The last three meetings were useless. We watched videos for reflections, on how to be a good teacher and stuff, Note that we have other subjects concerning this, and we do not need to have an epiphany on how we can be a good teacher in Educational Technology. The name itself means that it needs to concern, well, technology.

6. We haven’t started tackling about technology yet. Wow. Shocker. If we could have taken out the past meetings of having reflections and your story of why you are here today, being our professor, that’d be awesome, thanks,

7. You could teach us something concerning technology, atleast.